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Hello There!


Well, hello, there!

This journal is semi-friends only! :) ♥

Hello! This journal is now Semi-Friends Only! All fandom related stuff is unlocked (and you can find a list of my fanfiction and original fiction here) but real life stuff isn't.

Unfortunately, I no longer automatically friend back anymore. I'd like to have something in common with the people I friend. However, if you do think we'd get along and want to read my RL complaining ramblings, feel free to add me/ drop me a comment. I'm really friendly! :)

Fandom: Merlin


[ x ] The Truth is From Your Lips | Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Gwen | G | ~1,200 words | Complete
Summary: In which Arthur wishes he knows things. “It’s a little disconcerting - one moment Arthur’s almost positive he’d like nothing better than to strangle Merlin because he’s being an idiot and the next he gets ridiculous urges to ruffle his hair."

[ x ] Five Ways... | Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Lancelot, Morgana/Leon | PG | ~9,000 words | Complete
Summary: In which Merlin writes listicles (lists as articles) to help people and has a bad luck aura, Arthur is secretly pining for him, Gwen and Lance are sickeningly sweet, Morgana is a tyrant of an editor and a little full of herself, Leon attempts to go with the flow, and there are a whole lot of really terrible pick up lines.

[ x ] Natural Occurrences in Order of Need to Live (AO3) | Arthur/Merlin | PG-13 | ~5000 words | Complete
Summary: Arthur has a list in his head of Reasons Why He Loves Merlin. There are currently 327 reasons on that list and they include things like, “He looks slightly deranged when he smiles” and “He buys me little plastic knights to go with my collection” and “He once brought home a stray cat and tried to hide it in his room without me finding out”.

.Drabbles & Ficlets.

[ x ] Even if | Arthur/Merlin | G | ~200 words | Complete
Summary: Pre-slash. Merlin doesn't like secrets.

[ x ] You're my Favourite | Arthur/Merlin | G | ~300 words | Complete
Summary: In which Arthur has his wisdom teeth removed and is a little bit clingy.

[ x ] Moments | Arthur/Merlin | PG | ~450 words | Complete
Summary: Arthur comes home to a surprise from Merlin. It's a good thing not all surprises go as planned.

[ x ] the much more necessary learning (Ao3) | Arthur/Merlin | PG | 623 words | Complete
Summary: "I feel obligated to tell you that no matter how hard you stare at that textbook, Merlin, it will not implode from eye contact alone," Arthur says, frowning.

Fandom: Criminal Minds


[ x ] Outside the Box (AO3) | Hotch/Reid | G | 2390 words | Complete
Summary: Pre-slash. When Jack makes his way down the stairs, tugging his little teddy bear behind him, Reid feels a little bit like his heart is possibly about to explode. Not because the sight is ‘ridiculously cute’, as Garcia had put it once or twice, but because who in their right mind would ask Spencer Reid to babysit?

[ x ] 42° of Refraction (AO3)| Hotch/Reid | R | 2400 words | Complete
Summary: It's difficult to go from a friendship to a relationship, and this is new. They don't know how to do this yet.

[ x ] In the Aisles and Between the Pages (AO3)| Hotch/Reid | NC-17 | 6,148 words | Complete
Summary: In which Reid is a used bookshop owner and not quite content. Hotch kind of knocks him right off kilter

.Drabbles & Ficlets.

[ x ] (Building a) Home for the Holidays (AO3) | Hotch/Reid | PG | 631 words | Complete
Summary: Reid attempts to string the Christmas lights on the tree. Not all goes as planned.

[ x ] On the Dotted Line (AO3) | Hotch/Reid | PG-13 | 300 words | Complete
Summary: Reid smiles against his neck, “I'm tracing my name,” he says. “S.P.E.N.C.E.R,” he spells out slowly, fingers lightly dancing across Hotch’s ribs. He sounds childishly happy.

Fandom: Original Fiction

[ x ] In My World | Gen | G | ~4,500 words | Complete
Summary: May had writer's block. But she thought that maybe if she hadn't been quite so picky when it came to her stories, if she didn't close every attempt without saving, then she wouldn't be in this horrible situation right now. And he wouldn't be standing in front of her, asking her to do the impossible.

[ x ] Timeline | Gen | PG | ~700 words | Complete
Summary: When she looks in the mirror, this is what she sees: a silly girl with a mess of split ends and too small eyes and a very round face.

[ x ] A Thousand Words | Gen | G | ~300 words | Complete
Summary: Written for the Last Author Standing Prompt Change.

[ x ] How a Bear Looks (in Need of a Home) | Gen | G | ~700 words | Complete
Summary:Written for the Last Author Standing Prompt Abandonment.
Tags: criminal minds, fandom: criminal minds, fandom: merlin, fanfiction,, friends, list, merlin, story: fanfiction, story: masterpost, story: original, writing
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